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Hockey Smash


The Hockey Smash is an event that showcases the best 30 male and best 30 female players in Gympie, coached by some of the region’s best coaches.

The Hockey Smash will be comprised of a Women’s Match and a Men’s Match. The teams will battle against each other in one exciting night of hockey, right here in Gympie. In exciting news, this year we have also added an Under 14/Junior Smash Match to the schedule.


Event Schedule:

Launch - December 2023

Sponsor Announcements - December 2023

Coach Appointments - mid-January 2024

Player Nominations Open - Monday 22nd January 2024

Player Nominations Close - Monday 12th February 2024

Team Draft Night - Thursday 15th February 2024, 6.30pm (livestreamed on facebook page)

Event - Saturday 2nd March 2024 (Under 14 Junior Match - 3.00pm, Women's Match - 5.00pm, Men's Match 6.45pm)


Nomination Process:

  • It is free to nominate to compete at this event
  • All player nominations will form the draft list
  • The draft list will be shared with the appointed coaches. Coaches will then select their team from the list.
  • The 14 selected players from the draft list will be charged a playing fee of $20.
  • Players can submit a nomination form via the Gympie Hockey website, please click on this link: (released soon)
  • Under 13/Junior Smash Player Nominations please click on the folloing link: (released soon)
  • As part of the nomination process, players should state their two preferred playing positions and shirt size.
  • Players nominating for the draft process need to meet the following criteria:
  • Eligible to play Senior Hockey in 2024 (turning minimum age of 14)

Team Composition:

  • each team will comprise of 15 players – one goalkeeper ,13 field players selected and named from the draft list and one special guest player selected by the Board.
  • shadow players may be called into a team prior to the event due to injury, illness or unavailability
  • each team will comprise of players of the following positional make up – 1 x GK, 5 x Defenders, 4 x Midfielders and 4 x Strikers.

Team Selection:

  • teams will be selected using the draft process
  • all names of the players who nominate will go into the draft
  • the full list of nominated players will be provided to the coaches via email, three days before the draft selection date. The list will also provide the details of the two preferred positions given by the players.
  • The allocated coaches will toss a coin to work out the order of their selection turn, of the nominated players in the draft. This will occur for the coaches of the women and men teams.
  • the allocated team coaches will then select a player one at a time from the full list of nominated players, until both teams have selected their 14 players.
  • coaches can select players at their own discretion from the nominated positions of the player.
  • a member of the Gympie Hockey Board will officiate over draft proceedings.
  • Selected players are required to pay $20.00 within 7 days or forfeit their position in the team.
  • selected players will be sent a notification email from Gympie Hockey on Monday 20th February, which will include payment details.

Coach Selection:

  • coaches will be selected by the Gympie Hockey Board on the basis of experience, coaching level and availability.
  • coaches may select an assistant coach and/or manager at their own discretion.
  • Teams are required to have a manager.


  • The uniform/team shirts remain the property of Gympie Hockey and players are expected to return their shirt at the end of the event or be charged a $50 replacement fee.
  • players can keep their team playing socks.
  • players are to provide their own black skirts or shorts to wear during the event.
  • Goalkeepers can wear their own smocks – numbers can be whatever is already on their smock.
  • if a goalkeepers smock clashes with the colours of hot pink or teal, they must wear an alternative smock.

Hockey Smash Rules:

The Hockey Smash rules will be aligned with Hockey One Rules and Regulations.

The competition shall be conducted in accordance with the FIH Rules of Hockey with the exception of the following regulation variances:


  • Field Goal Conversions - When a field goal or penalty stroke awarded during field play is scored, the same athlete will have an automatic one-on-one shootout with the goalkeeper for a chance of an extra goal.
  • In the event of a draw at the end of full time, a shootout will occur.
  • Match Periods -

Four (4) x 15-minute quarters

2-minute break between Q1 and Q2, and between Q3 and Q4

Half time break will be 5 minutes

  • Time will be stopped (clock stopped) for Field Goal Conversions. Attacker, defender and umpires involved in shootout must be ready to commence the shootout within 40 seconds of the goal being scored.
  • If a Penalty Corner is awarded, the clock will not be stopped, teams will have no more than 40 seconds to prepare for the Penalty Corner. When teams are ready but no later than 40 seconds from awarding the penalty corner, the umpire will re-start play by blowing the whistle and the ball shall be injected immediately or very shortly thereafter.
  • If a player receives a Green Card (2-minute suspension) and/or a Yellow Card (a minimum 5 minute suspension), the clock will not be stopped to issue the card.
  • If a goal keeper receives a Green Card and/or a Yellow Card, the Umpires will stop the time and re-start it immediately after that player has left the field of play


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