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- The Gympie Hockey Academy is designed to provide higher level development opportunities for Gympie athletes aged 13-18 years.
- Exposure to high level coaches and an increase in game play experience will enhance  the development trajectory of our athletes.
- Assist with transition from junior hockey into representative hockey & Cooloola Heat teams
- Better overall performance from Gympie representative teams
-Greater representation of athletes at the State representative level


- Skill Development – Athletes will attend on-field skill-specific sessions i.e., distribution     & receiving skills, defensive skills, elimination skills, attacking skills, set play skills,   formations, all led by high quality coaches & experienced players.
- Holistic Development – The Gympie Hockey  Academy is about more than just   hockey-specific skills. Athletes will be educated-on and practice a range of   psychological and physiological skills that will further develop their ability to   perform and grow.
- Camps– Development camps and games will form a part of the Academy,   providing athletes the chance to further hone their craft and implement   learned abilities in competitive environments. Camps will also provide   experiences outside of the norm, that will enhance the holistic learning   environment.
- Coach Development –Using the Gympie Hockey Academy to broaden our coach   network is essential to maintaining the development of both the athletes within   the Academy, but also the athletes participating at the grassroots level

- The Gympie Hockey Academy will be targeted at those athletes selected in Gympie Under 15 and Under 18 Teams each year. 
- Academy programming will provide additional development opportunities to athletes to ensure that they are Representative and Senior hockey ready, and on track to maximise their potential.


- Increase in development opportunities for athletes
- Access to high level coaches
- Holistic approach to development, focusing not only on hockey-specific programming.
- Promotion of broader experience to enhance the learning experience


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