Gympie Hockey Association




President's Update - 11 (June 2014)

The past month or so has seen plenty of action both on and off the field. Our local grade competitions are in full swing, we've seen both Ladies and Men's Vet's teams as well as the Open Men in State Championship action and both the TSR Heat teams have been playing some terrific hockey. Off field repairs to our lights have been completed and thanks to the council, contractor Martin Wilson and Greg McVicar our grass fields especially the top ones look and absolute picture every weekend.  

And just when we thought things couldn't get any busier here comes the Junior rep season.  

Hook into Hockey players are developing well and again thanks to Gavin for running these sessions for us.  

Un9's competition is strong with some real future talented players in there. Umpires co-ordinator  Darren is hoping to encourage more advantage play over coming weeks so parents please be patient with the players and umpires as they learn.  

Un11's has some terrific players starting to shine especially in some of the younger girls, with such a broad range of experience, skill and size in this age group we are encouraging some of the stronger, bigger more talented players to tone down their play for the safety and enjoyment of everyone involved and thank these players and their parents for their understanding and co-operation on this.   

Un13's has seen plenty of competitive hockey and close games, as with the un11's leading up to Wide Bay and State Championships we've been playing boy/boy, girl/girl games mixing the teams up each week. This has allowed the boys to go a little "harder" and some of the quieter girls to get more touches each game as well as developing better team work and bonds within our rep teams.  

Youth. To be quite honest this is our hardest age group to manage and we still are looking for a few more players in both the girls and boys as well as a bit more commitment and enthusiasm from those already playing, this is your competition make the most of it.  

Ladies, week in week out we see strong competitive games and most of the time it comes down to which team is missing a player or two as to who comes away with the win. A big thanks to the few younger umpires (as well as the regulars) who have stepped up and are doing their best so all of you can play.  

Men, the past month has seen many teams short due to work, family and sporting commitments but numbers seem to be back on track now and with full teams the standard has lifted back to where it was at the start of the season.  

TSR Heat Men. Injuries and player availability has seen mixed results for the first half of their season, Dom has made some positional changes that have worked a treat and I'm sure after this couple of week break they'll be ready to fire up with a couple of home games in the next round or two.  

TSR Heat Ladies. In only their second year the ladies have secured a semi-final spot and have a real chance of making and even taking out the final. A huge congrats to the entire squad for their commitment to training and effort and enthusiasm in their games. This team with their dedication, friendship and team spirit is the model we should all be following.  

Rep. Gympie Hockey continues to punch well above its weight when it comes to rep success.

Matt Hurell and Harrison Parker played in the QLD un15 1st's in WA for their national championships.

In the Vet ladies we had Leslie Fitzpatrick (35’s), Melinda Baker (40’s), Julie Pagel (Shadow 50’s) and Kathy Worth (VC 60’s) selected to represent Qld. 

Wide Bay primary school boys has seen Matt Browne, Riley Bambling, Clifford Gallaher and Hayden Cottrill selected for State trails in June.

We had Annie Collins, Chloe Dredge , Matt Hurell, Jayden De Serio, Kalum Warhurst and Harrison Parker selected in the Wide Bay High Schools team. And out of that Kalum made Qld un19 school boys and Harrison Qld un16 school boys. Congrats to you both!!.

And also have a number of players playing and coaching in the Qld Super league very shortly. Ben Fitzpatrick (Coach Men), Judy Stephens (Manager Men), Dom Stephens, Nathan Stephens, Mitch Keuther, Patrick Barnes (Wide Bay Thunder) and Majella Barnes and Chloe Dredge have been picked up by Northern Storm in the draft picks.  

Off field, A big thanks to Scott, Ben and helpers for repairs to our turf field light. This was quite an expense but something that had to be done.

Debbie continues to ensure all our club house hirer's and functions are kept happy and we continue to make small repairs and improvements as finances allow.

Greg is keeping the lines on our grass fields looking good, this is an on-going weekly job and I thank Greg for his time and efforts each week on something most of us take for granted.

Contractor Martin Wilson has our top grass fields looking the best they ever have and I want to thank him personally for the extra effort he has put into them.

Our canteen keeps going from strength to strength thanks to Ann-Maree, Lisa and helpers, well done.

Thanks to the Gympie Police for following up on the couple of vandalism attacks we have suffered this year, I believe the offenders have all been identified and actions taken.   

Now to a gentle reminder concerning player and spectator codes of conduct (available on our web site) which I'm pleased to say have been overall very good this season.

Parents and spectators:
We want to hear you cheering as loudly as you can but please only encourage and praise players and umpires, never be critical, belittle or be negative in your comments during or after games. Refrain from yelling instructions for each play as we need the kids to follow what their coaches are saying and believe in and support your child's coach as they are doing their best so your kids can enjoy our wonderful sport.

Players in all age groups.
Be respectful towards umpires at all times, they are doing their best and are only there so you can play your game. Understand your coach might play you in positions that will be best for the team not just you personally and suggestions, changes and improvements they try to make to your play are only made to help make you a better hockey player.

Here's looking forward to another busy month or two.