The 2015 team lists are being added as at 10th March.  We hope to have all the team lists available no later than Wednesday 11th March.

Players are still registering so we acknowledge that names still have to be added. 

This week draw only, will be placed up, and once the teams and players are confirmed after this week's play, we will put the year's draw on here and also hand them out to coaches/managers for distribution to team members.

If you have any queries, please see your coach, Ben, Catherine or Vicki in the Control Room or via email to

Making teams is not easy and a lot of time and discussion has taken place to try and make each team as even as possible. All requests have been looked at and taken into consideration.  Sometimes it is just not possible for all requests to be granted, but we have tried the best we can in all instances.

Thank you to all the people involved in putting these teams together, it has lightened the load for the Committee.


2015 River Dental Women's Competition Teams List

2015 United Propety Sales Men's Competition Draw

2015 United Propety Sales Men's Competition Team List

River Dental Women's Comp draw - Round 1 only

U11 Team List 2015

U13 Teams List 2015

U9 Team List 2015

Youth Girls Team List 2015